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Monday, March 5, 2012

The most entertaining place in Malta

You probably still remember our little misadventures in Mater Dei hospital. So guess what? Yes, you are completely right, just few days ago we had another chance to admire amazing service at the Emergency. On Saturday we decided to make a short daytrip to Gnejna Bay. We climbed few rocky hills and were already heading towards Golden Bay  while my friend slipped on something similar to the wet gravel and fall into the bushes. When she stood up we noticed that some part of her wrist skin had been badly cut. So, we rushed to the hospital (of course it took one hour to get there, thank you, Arriva) cause we have suspected that her arm needs stitches. At the Emergency they wanted us to wait but my friend shouted that she is not going to bleed here and wants to see the doctor immediately. She was sent to the area 1 where they told her to wait at the Emergency hall for the announcement to go to the area 3. Here we painfully learned that my friend needs to wait at least three hours to get her arm stitched. Some swear words and loud dissatisfaction had followed. We left our friend at the Emergency and went home to get something to eat. When we came back we found our friend still waiting and playing Angry Birds on her phone. It was around 21 o’clock when the real fun began. They brought in a handcuffed guy who sat right next to me. I  looked at his guards and started doubting the possibility of the happy ending that day. One guy was extremely slim and old as the world and another one, in the army uniform, had some serious overweight issues. I looked again at the handcuffed guy and realized that he is pretty athletic and could easily outrun those two men and probably take me as his hostage. There was no time to think more on this matter cause really interesting things started happening around us. People began to flow in, to get registered and of course to go and find the place to wait. There were few people with high fever, horrible headaches, bleeding noses and one unconscious teenager in a wheelchair. We looked at him at asked each other: “Is he also going to wait?”. We had 
Meh, it's just a stroke, doctor will see you in 5 hours
suspected that he is completely drunk, but still needed to wait at least 20 minutes. Finally, after 3.5 hours of waiting my friend got called to see the doctor. I have volunteered to keep her company while her arm got stick with medical glue. It caused a lot of pain to her but it was still better than stitching it the old-fashioned way. So, the gluing was done, doctor invited one hospital volunteer to talk with us and started asking if my friend had all the necessary vaccinations when she was a kid. He started talking about some severe infections which can be fatal and lead to the amputation of the arm. I was listening to all those things and started feeling a pain in my stomach. I began suffocating and passed out for a few seconds while trying to sit on the hospital gurney. That volunteer kept my legs in the air while I got my consciousness back and started to laugh hysterically. Oh, the doctor failed to care at all about my dramatic fainting, he just continued writing down the necessary vaccinations. In the end we managed to leave area 3, but when we were going through the door, one man in the Emergency waiting hall passed out. Unfortunately, no one paid attention and just continued watching ‘Liar liar’ on the telly.  Finally, a nurse came and with no emotion on her face started slowly getting that unconscious men on the gurney. I can’t tell what happened next cause we were too happy to get out of the hospital. Conclusions? I definitely have no future in the medical field and we will probably be asked to give up our EU citizenship cause we are starting to cost too much for the European Union.