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Friday, July 20, 2012

So This Is Goodbye...

Dear readers,

It’s been a while since I left the rock (as some might call Malta) and came back to Lithuania. So, basically, it is the end of our amazing misadventures in this small South European island. I won’t lie. It was a really long, hard and most of the time very disappointing 9 months full of boredom, weird people and anxiety. I was going to write a mean post, but these few weeks of my awesome summer holidays soften my heart a bit. So, I’m going to make a ‘thank you’ post instead.

First of all, I would like to thank all the Erasmus people who helped to get through the first semester. Thank you for the good laugh, crazy Paceville nights and for all the discussions we had during that time.

Thanks to my family, friends and my blog readers for having a patience to listen to all that bitching about my problems.

Also, big thanks to John Bonello and his mates who tried to make Erasmus life more entertaining. And, John, I’m still holding a grudge about that little lie of your South African roots.

Thanks to Skarklab Malta and Greg Nowell for making my life on the island fun and meaningful.

Of course thanks to University of Malta for helping me to understand what a great University I study in. After 9 months of pointless lectures and weird assignments I’ve learned how to appreciate the amazing quality of studies I receive at my University.

Thanks to all the Maltese people who never had an intention to make any connection with us. You really made me realize what a fantastic people I am surrounded with.

Thanks to the island of Malta for ruining my facial skin and never letting me to forget how freakishly I love mountains, forests, freshwater and cool climate.

But, seriously, it was a bumpy ride which I will never be able to forget. And I’m grateful for all the experience (doesn’t matter bad or good) I’ve gained.


Kisses and see you in the next life,
The bitchy one