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Friday, December 9, 2011

Dinner On the Road

It is time…it is time to tell you about THE Shortcut. You might have heard of it, you might have even tried to cross it or maybe after this story you will feel the urge to test your ability to survive while walking through it.
Basically, it’s a really horrible pathway connecting University and San Gwann. At first you have to slide down the rocky hill to get on the track. This is the place where my friend kissed a rock with her spine. Painful even to watch… So you move forward, cross some kind of a gates in the prison fence, get through the bushes (or trees, hard to tell). And here it is! A ditch with huge rocks which, as we painfully learned later, is nothing but a river bed for a mighty Amazon which gets back to life on every rainy day. As it is pitch dark at night we always have to light our path with mobile phones. Otherwise, you might step into a dog poop or face a chicken. Yeah, you’ve read it right – A FREAKIN CHICKEN. I’ve almost stumbled on her and she didn’t even care to move. Ok, I admit, I was spooked at first, that’s why I’ve screamed like a little girl and then tried to scare that damn creature away. I guess she was laying an egg or something... Back to the worst part – the Amazon. It’s almost impossible to keep your feet dry on even a slightly rainy day. All the shortcut just starts to roar from the water. My friends have almost survived a really really really rainy night while getting back through the shortcut. Actually, it’s pretty hard to get on the streets when it starts to rain here. Everything just gets flooded. Now I’m pretty sure how it feels when tsunami strikes... 


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