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Monday, November 21, 2011

Squash that little bastard!

Did anyone else notice the problem with flies that Malta has? Not even our little shelter in a countryside I had to visit if I’ve wanted to go ‘number two’ contained such amount of flies. They’re everywhere: crawling on my toast, washing their legs in my friend’s tea, enjoying a boogie-woogie on my face when I try to sleep. Ok, I admit it’s pretty funny to see those bastards exploring your coursemate’s head or attacking your lecturer [the only entertainment during the lectures].
My friend and I are constantly going on a killing spree with rolled Lidl brochures, but still no visible results. They're just keep flying in and chasing each other in the air. Seriously, we spent like 10min watching this incredible phenomena. And they’re smart as hell! I’ve heard that Polish guys hung a sticky tape [the miracle of the 21st century as my friend calls it] in their room but the flies just maneuvered around it like damn ninjas. Don’t get me even started on a mosquito issue… It’s almost December and few moments ago I saw one buzzing somewhere to chill before the another silent midnight blood hunt.


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