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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When technology meets a Maltese Man

Even though, I’m an Eastern European and I suppose to be familiar with all the technologies from the Middle Ages, there were only few times I’ve seen this thing ->
And in the University of Malta you can find the head projector [that’s how it’s called] in every room. Even one of my tutors [I dropped his lecture eventually] was using transparent paper slides with the text he written by HAND. It could be understandable, cause he is around 80 years old, but why then he was talking about innovation and that good managers have to adapt to the changing world all the time? “Excuse me, sir. I’ve heard about this really innovative thing they have in the West. It’s called PowerPoint!”
Almost every day our tutors struggle to connect their mini laptops to the TV or the projector in the room. You haven’t experienced student life in the University of Malta to the fullest if you hadn’t seen those friendly men in their blue shirts and knitted vests who fly in and use their magical remote control to make everything work in the room. Thanks guys! I’m being serious now, if weren’t those men our lecturers would still be swearing in Maltese and pushing all the buttons.
I just adore one lecture where my tutor switches off the projector and starts reading information from the book while adding some pointless statements such as “Disabled people – people with disabilities” or “You know…I don’t know”.
Today we had presentations delivered in one of the lectures and suddenly electricity went off. So my coursemates continued to present their material with the hope that electricity will turn on every second. Since our university, apparently, doesn’t have a generator, we spent an hour listening to the speech about the Museum of Fine Arts, with no visual material. I just want to remind you that it was a presentation about MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS. You know what upsets me the most? That Lidl has a freakin generator but not the University of Malta…
Oh yeah, don’t forget the IT technologies in the library. I will try not to expand on the fact that they still use Windows XP, or the time a lovely lady with insanely long nails explained to us that the problem why we couldn’t print out one paper is because the file was in PDF… Cause, you know, I don’t know… From that day we sworn to ourselves never ever ever use the printers in the library. And we keep this promise by not entering it at all…


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